quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2011

Mini entrevista com o Ian sobre o proximo concerto

Foto @ Denis O'Regan

Hoje conseguimos algumas palavras do Ian sobre o proximo concerto em portugal, deixo o texto em inglês para ser absolutamente fiel

1 - Next August you are going to play again here in Portugal, what is your opinion about the two previous shows here?

I think the shows we´ve played i Portugal has been really exiting! We´re really looking forward to come back again in August.

2 – How do you see the Portuguese crowd?
Did we had a good response on the shows?

The Portuguese fans are totally crazy! I love the way they take part in the show and sing along with the songs.

3 - On last UK tour you have played the new song Doghouse, can we expect to listen it live here too?

We don´t decide what songs we gonna play on stage until a couple of hours before the show. But we really like that song so I hope we´ll be playing it in Portugal as well in August. There will definitely be some nice surprise for the fans thou!

4 – Would you like to say some words to the people who will attend to the show?

I really look forward to meet up with you guys in August and to rock and roll Portugal!

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